Log Line

A young mother is troubled by her ambiguous feelings about motherhood and the broken relationship with her own mother.


Director: Petros Charalambous

Screenplay: Janine Teerling

Producers: Janine Teerling, Marios Piperides

Co-Producer: Boo Productions (Greece)


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Director's Bio/FilmOgraphy

Petros Charalambous was born in Cyprus in 1976. He studied film directing at the California State University. In 2000, he returned to Cyprus, and since then has been steadily working as a freelance film director for commercials, corporate, promotional and music videos, films and documentaries. His debut feature film the coming of age drama “Boy on the Bridge” had its world premiere at the 2016 Rome International Film Festival and since then it has traveled to more than 40 festivals worldwide, winning 11 Best Film and Best Director Awards. Petros is currently in the development stages of his second feature length film “Patchwork”.

Technical details

Original title: Patchwork

International title: Patchwork

Duration: 100 min

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Format: (2K/4K): 2K

Sound: Dolby Digital

Year: 2019

Original Language: Greek, English

Countries of Production: Cyprus, Greece

Production Companies: AMP Filmworks

Co-production companies: Boo Productions

With support of: