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Variety - Smuggling Hendrix Review

Variety - Smuggling Hendrix Review

A great review of Smuggling Hendrix by Variety, one of the industry's most respected trade magazines: "a delightful, droll, and intelligent comedy, which captures the absurdity and tragedy of a complicated political situation"

Βραβευμένοι στην Tribeca: “Φυγαδεύοντας τον Χέντριξ”

Η κυπριακή ταινία Smuggling Hendrix απέσπασε το βραβείο Καλύτερης Ταινίας στο διεθνές φεστιβάλ της Tribeca και -ούτε λίγο ούτε πολύ- έδωσε μια ώθηση στο σύνολο της κυπριακής κινηματογραφίας.

IndieWire - 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Awards:

2018 Tribeca Film Festival Awards: ‘Diane,’ ‘Smuggling Hendrix,’ and More Take Top Honors

Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Marios Piperides and Janine Teerling - Smuggling Hendrix

“Smuggling Hendrix” delivers a dark comedy about the borders and occupation in the island of Cyprus, through the journey of a man and his dog. Part of Cyprus has been occupied by Turkish forces since 1974 and this divided island is the origin of ethnical and political issues.