Filming in Cyprus - Tax Incentives and Cash Rebates

Committed to boosting this highly promising sector, the government of the Republic of Cyprus introduced a package of incentives encouraging international producers to choose Cyprus as their next film destination. In specific, production companies that opt to film in Cyprus will be able to choose between cash rebate or tax credit and can also benefit from tax discounts on investments made on equipment and infrastructure, and VAT returns on expenditure in scope.

Qualifying production categories include, amongst others, feature Films (including animation), television Series or mini-series, documentaries for Theatrical or Television release, animation (digital or analogue), television research programs and natural history.

Honorable Mention for Smuggling Hendrix at the 30th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival!

Honorable Mention for Smuggling Hendrix at the 30th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival!

“This droll comedy captures the absurdity and tragedy of a complicated political situation”  

American Film Institute: The 2018 European Union Film Showcase

" is easy to see this shaggy dog comedy as a political version of The Big Lebowski."

Smuggling Hendrix by Marios Piperides – Cyprus

If The Silent Revolution was a politicized version of Dead Poet’s Society, it is easy to see this shaggy dog comedy as a political version of The Big Lebowski. Adam Bousdoukos is Yiannis, a disheveled would-be rock star who is tired of trying to navigate the bizarre nature of his divided island, in which Greeks and Turks live in uneasy disharmony. Yiannis has decided to leave, but his plans are derailed when his mutt, Jimi, scampers across the neutral zone into Turkish territory. Yiannis is free to travel across the line and find Jimi, but he is not allowed to bring the dog back. Thus begins an often funny series of schemes carried out with the reluctant help of a few characters Yiannis meets along the way, each as oddball as Yiannis. The Dude just wants his rug. Yiannis just wants his pooch. Though not as involved or quite as outright funny as Lebowski, Piperides uses his premise to arguably more logical effect – pointing out the absurdity of political and social realities in Cyprus through Yiannis’ noble quest.

Connecting Cottbus 2018: Patchwork

COTTBUS: Cyprus makes a rare appearance at the 20th edition of Connecting Cottbus, taking place 8-9 November 2018, with producer Janine Teerling of AMP Filmworks and director Petros Charalambous pitching the project Patchwork.

The film’s story, set in the patriarchal Balkan society, is the drama of a young mother troubled by her ambiguous feelings about motherhood and the broken relationship with her own mother.

The 800,000 EUR production has 484,000 EUR in place, coming from the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture for production, and development funding from the SEE Cinema Network. The film has a Greek coproducer attached, Boo Productions, and is awaiting funding results from the Greek fund and TV. The producers are seeking a third coproducer, possibly from the Balkans.

The film, which will be the director’s second feature, is scheduled to go into production in the second half of 2019.

Production information:

Producer: AMP Filmworks (Cyprus)

Coproducer: Boo Productions (Greece)

Credits: Director: Petros Charalambous Writer: Janine Teerling Producers: Janine Teerling, Marios Piperides

Italy, Repubblica Interview - Smuggling Hendrix

Un cane nella Cipro divisa fra greci e turchi: con 'Torna a casa Jimi' la commedia si fa politica

Variety - Smuggling Hendrix Review

Variety - Smuggling Hendrix Review

A great review of Smuggling Hendrix by Variety, one of the industry's most respected trade magazines: "a delightful, droll, and intelligent comedy, which captures the absurdity and tragedy of a complicated political situation"

Βραβευμένοι στην Tribeca: “Φυγαδεύοντας τον Χέντριξ”

Η κυπριακή ταινία Smuggling Hendrix απέσπασε το βραβείο Καλύτερης Ταινίας στο διεθνές φεστιβάλ της Tribeca και -ούτε λίγο ούτε πολύ- έδωσε μια ώθηση στο σύνολο της κυπριακής κινηματογραφίας.

IndieWire - 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Awards:

2018 Tribeca Film Festival Awards: ‘Diane,’ ‘Smuggling Hendrix,’ and More Take Top Honors

Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Marios Piperides and Janine Teerling - Smuggling Hendrix

“Smuggling Hendrix” delivers a dark comedy about the borders and occupation in the island of Cyprus, through the journey of a man and his dog. Part of Cyprus has been occupied by Turkish forces since 1974 and this divided island is the origin of ethnical and political issues.