Spring has come to a Cypriot village, bringing with it an invitation for Socrates to indulge in his favourite pastimes. Setting off homemade fire works, tormenting local pensioners, hurtling through the village on a moped and defying his mother. As Easter looms Socrates masterminds a plan to make the biggest firecracker of the year and set it off at midnight on Holy Saturday. The device explodes collapsing part of the church and burying an old man beneath the rubble.

The spotlight shines briefly on Socrates before illuminating a more serious crime. A boy has been attacked and the village becomes a hotbed of gossip and finger pointing. When a friend is arrested for the crime Socrates, convinced of his innocence, is determined to find the real perpetrator.

Behind the scenes in this seemingly idyllic backwater, an abused wife plots revenge on her husband, a scheming miser falls in love and a dangerous predator stalks the innocent. Spring brings a rude awakening to all the villagers and Socrates in particular. The Jasmine scented air carries with it real menace that shakes the close knit community to its very core.

Based on a novel first published in the UK, by the British-Cypriot novelist Eve Makis, this is the true story of a boy whose idyllic life in a Mediterranean village is disrupted by a crime that claims his innocence. Filmworks has acquired the rights of the book while Eve Makis has adapted the story into a feature length screenplay.

It is currently being accepted at the EAVE 2012 Producer’s Workshop that will take place in Luxemburg, Croatia and The Netherlands.

Petros Charalambous is attached to direct.

For more information visit www.evemakis.com, www.petroscharalambous.net


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