We’ve worked with some great people...

Local Services

Some of the local production companies and TV stations that trust us for our services, commitment, expertise, and work ethics:

AB Seahorse Film Productions, Semio Productions, Lumiere Services, Green Olive Films, Klein Mein Productions, Avra Films, Roll Out Film Services, Home Made Movies, Non-Linear Productions, Image Post Productions, Xmas Productions, Antenna TV Station, Mega TV, Fotocine, Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Sigma TV Station, Out of Focus Films

Local Clients

Our local clients include various companies, institutions, non-profit organizations and public bodies, that have chosen to produce their projects with us:

Nice Day Developers, CableNet, E&S Supermarkets, Quality Group Developers, St. Raphael Hospital, Famagusta Developers, Anorthosis, Hotel Association of Ayia Napa/Protaras, Ayia Napa Municipality, Paralimni Municipality, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Education and Culture, Press and Information Office, TEPAK, Famagusta Municipality, Nicosia Masterplan, Abacus, Marketway, Limassol Tourist Board, Uclan.


We had the pleasure to work with and support many talented local and international filmmakers:

Anthony Maras, Kyriakos Tofarides, Korinna Avraamidou, Marinnos Kartikkis, Stelana Kliris, Christos Christodoulou, Dinos Gregoriou, Sotiris Christou, Stelios Constantinou, Theo Panagides, Simon Farmakas, Ioakim Mylonas, Despina Savvidou, Kostas Andreotis, Irena Ioannidou, Spyros Charalambous, Anna Tsiarta, Athena Xenidou, Demetris Tokaris, Petros Charalambous, Christos Siopachas, Stavros Pamballis, Vladan Nikolic, Adonis Florides


Some of the international productions we worked for, through Seahorse Films, include:

RSA Films (UK), Discovery Channel (UK), Channel Four (UK), Wilder Films (UK), Inferno Agency (UK), Sci-Fi Channel (USA), RTL (Germany), NHK (Japan), TV Asashi (Japan), Grey Agency (Russia), Film Republic (Poland), Otto Films (Poland), Satchi&Satch (Romania), Kailush Pictures (India), Town Films (Greece), Ordo Films (Kazakhstan)

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